Work-From-Home to be a legal right in this country soon


While there have been numerous articles, studies, debates, and discussions about work from home (WFH) and hybrid models since the pandemic, The Netherlands is making headlines as the country is planning to make WFH a legal right for the employees.

The lower house of the Dutch parliament has already passed the legislation, and the bill is now awaiting the approval from the Senate. If the law is passed, The Netherlands will be the first country to legally allow employees to work remotely.

The new bill is an amendment to the Netherlands’ Flexible Working Act of 2015, which allows employees to request changes to their working hours, schedule, and even place of employment.

While employers in the Netherlands can currently refuse any work-from-home requests, if it becomes law, they will be required to consider all such requests from their employees. They would also be allowed to provide sufficient reasons if they refused to allow their employees to work from home.

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