How AIMIM helped BJP win Uttar Pradesh elections


The allegation in the UP elections that AIMIM led by Asaduddin Owaisi was actually a ‘B’ team of the Bharatiya Janata Party is not entirely baseless if one takes a look at election results.

On several seats, Owaisi’s candidates have taken away votes that, if added to the SP-RLD combine, would have ensured the defeat of the BJP.

In UP, the BJP won 7 seats by 200 votes, 23 seats by 500 votes, 49 seats by 1000 votes, 86 seats by 2000 votes. In all these seats Owaisi has scored generously and helped BJP by dividing the opposition votes.

For instance, in Bijnor, SP-RLD got 95,720 while AIMIM got 2,290 votes. The BJP won the seat by getting 97,165 votes — 1,445 more than the SP-RLD. The AIMIM had taken away 2,290 votes, allowing a win for the BJP.

In Nakur, the BJP polled 1,03,771 votes while SP got 1,03,616. AIMIM got 3,591 votes that allowed BJP take the seat. Similarly, in Kursi seat in Barabanki, the BJP polled 1,18,614 votes while SP got 1,18,094 and AIMIM got 8,541 votes.

In Sultanpur, the BJP won with 92,245 votes and SP got 90,857. The AIMIM had sliced away 5,251 votes. In Aurai assembly seat, the AIMIM took away 2,190 votes allowing BJP to win with 93,691 votes while the Samajwadi Party got 92,044 votes.

In Shahganj, the BJP won with 76,035 votes and SP trailed with 70,370 votes. The AIMIM had taken away 7,070 votes.

In Firozabad, the BJP reaches the victory stand with 1,12,509 and Samajwadi Party got 79,554 while AIMIM walked away with 18,898 votes.

Political analysts feel that the AIMIM had forayed into UP politics with a definite aim to help BJP win by ensuring that the non-BJP votes do not consolidate at one place.

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