CM KCR is a turbo engine, no need for BJP’s double engine: Puvvada


Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao was a turbo engine to propel growth in Telangana and there was no need for BJP’s double engine in the State, stated Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar.

He accused the BJP leadership of twisting Telangana history. The party leadership which failed to play any active role in the first and final phases of Telangana statehood struggle has no moral right to speak about Telangana.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who insulted Telangana people’s aspirations and spewed venom against the State’s formation in the Parliament in February this year was now trying to impress Telangana people.

How could Modi, who said Telangana was created with the Parliament doors closed, without any discussion, using pepper sprays and known for his infamous comment ‘mother was killed to give birth to child’, be trusted by the people, Ajay Kumar posed.

The Prime Minister tried to display his false love for Telangana by enjoying Telangana cuisine and thus to impress people. He should have real love for the State and its people but speaking a few false-hearted words would achieve nothing, the minister averred.

Chandrashekhar Rao shot many questions at Modi over the poor state of affairs in terms of economic growth and the development of the nation. But the Prime Minister failed to answer a single question during the recent BJP meeting in Hyderabad, Ajay Kumar noted.

Telangana Chief Minister was an icon for suppressed classes and poorer sections and uplifted honour of Telangana by his innovative welfare and development programmes. Telangana self-respect could only be upheld with Chadrashekhar Rao.

For the sake of votes and gaining power in the State the BJP was staging a false drama. But the people in the State were in no mood to bow down to north Indian leaders as was done by the Telangana BJP leaders, Ajay Kumar stated.

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