Alia Bhatt says she ‘never had a plan to get married’


Hyderabad: Recently, in one of the interviews, Alia Bhatt shared how she was one of those young girls who would never talk about marriage. She said, “I’ve never had a plan. I, in fact, thought that I’ll get married very late.” But she explained that it’s totally different when you deeply fall in love.

“I just felt like I actually want to start a life with Ranbir, I felt like I’ve waited long enough, strangely when you’ve reached that kind of emotion with a person. I felt oh god! I’ve already wasted so much time. I want to now begin with the journey of my life with this person,” said Alia. She said everything happened so naturally.

After working for so many years, she said it’s not like her working will stop, pause or change and felt that it’s a part of life that requires time and energy and it’s not going to happen naturally by itself. She said she’ll be working until however long, whether she is pregnant or even after.

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